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 This is a Valentine's Day initiative within the Diabetes Online Community, one that began with an initial campaign in 2013 that raised $3,000; and in 2014 raised $27,000.

Lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death for children with diabetes in many countries around the world. In fact, in some parts of the world, the estimated life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes could be less than a year. Through the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign, we raise awareness and donations for Life for a Child, an International Diabetes Federation program which provides life-saving diabetes supplies, medication, and education that children in developing countries need to stay alive.

 Spare a Rose, Save a Child is simple: buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and donate the value of that flower to children with diabetes. Your loved one at home still gets flowers and you both show some love to children around the world who need it.

One rose, one month of life. A dozen roses, a year of life for a child with diabetes.
Please, consider taking part and helping to spread the word.
Thank you, in advance.

Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana
Camp Until a Cure


Located in Noblesville just north of Indianapolis, the DYFI created this camp in 2005 that is the only one in the state designed specifically for children with diabetes and autism. Each summer and fall, it brings in kids and teens from throughout Indiana and outside the state.

Not only is this a great place where diabetic kids and teens can feel "normal" for a little each year, it's also a life-changing place where lifelong friendships and better health management practices are established. In 2010, the first-ever camp calendar was created to help raise money and awareness about the Camp Until a Cure and we've started holding a Teen D-Camp each October. I've been a proud DYFI board member since January 2011, and in 2013 took on the role as marketing committee chair for the organization.

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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Indiana

Annual Walk To Cure Diabetes

Central Indiana Walk: Two-Mile Fun Walk or 5k Walk/Run
Military Park in Downtown Indianapolis, IN
Each Fall in September or early October

Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 5, my first-ever charity event came that following spring in 1985 when I was a Little Squirt with the JDRF’s Southeast Michigan Walk/Ride For a Cure. Training wheels and all. Stunned supporters by going round and round the GM Tech Center track more times than expected (surprising those who'd donated a flat $25 and expected Little Mike to just chug a couple miles around the track, but instead I just kept going and going and going... Even then, that's how I rolled!)

That effort continued through the years, and now a quarter-century later in Indiana my passion lives on. Now, I'm walking in the Central Indiana event. This is one of five walks happening statewide throughout the year, and the JDRF raises more than $2 million combined. Nationally, the walks raise roughly $100 million a year.
We can all help on this, and I ask for your support in achieving a goal by mid-September to raise money for this event. Suzi is also walking! Please keep our efforts and the JDRF in mind. You can learn more about the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes program by visiting JDRF’s National Walk website. To learn more about forming a corporate or family Walk team, please contact your local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes staff person.

Thank you.

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Michigan: Breast-Cancer Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

 The annual walk is typically in August. Please check out Team Sisters, Misters, and Blisters, which walks every year to raise a combined total of $5,000-$10,000. While this cause is important overall no matters who's participating, it's particularly important in my world because my Sigma Pi Fraternity Little Brother and his wife are actively involved and run this team, with some other fraternity brothers involved on the team. You will see both Stephanie and Cory Heck in the above photo, along with Brother Tim Whiting on the far left, Dennis Cherget, and Brother Justin Doescher on the far right. I'm doing all I can to help advocate and spread the word from Indiana.